SS17 The Business of Layering

 Living in California, I don’t get to explore the world of layering as often as I’d like. Luckily this year we have had a cold spell so I have thoroughly enjoyed breaking out all my winter staples and throwing them on all at once. Gotta savor this moment of coldness while it lasts!

SS17 You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

 “Work wear” and “street wear” are not two things you tend to see meshed into one single look. The juxtaposition of the two, is what really drew me to style an outfit that could be worn in your professional and personal life.  I love combining the unexpected, and when a creation like this actually works is when I feel the most excited about getting dressed.

SS17 Uh, Pajama?

Odd or not, silk pajamas are in. And I don’t mean just for night time. I’ve seen just a top paired with jeans, just the bottoms paired with a blazer, and even an entire set worn in public like NBD. I can promise you won’t catch me running errands in full pajamas, however, I do like the idea of the top paired with denim. I love the “Is that a pajama shirt!?” look and quizzical brow I get from the grandma passing me in the produce section. It keeps life interesting, just like any great outfit should.

Get brave and ride this comfy trend out with me by shopping my picks below!

SS17 Super Casual

photography: Nicole Dianne

SS17 On the Go




 I love these shoes and you need them. They make you feel very Parisian and very busy. I feel I should warn you though, they take 5 minutes to lace up so be sure to schedule that into your morning routine. Annoying? Yes. But the comfort/cute factor totally make it worth it.  I believe in you, girl.



SS17 Classic

I love this coat for so many reasons. Mostly, it’s because when I put it on it makes me feel like I got dressed. Regardless of what’s underneath the coat, you somehow feel as though you put in a little extra effort.  It’s a staple piece-classic, yet extremely adaptable to any style or look you are feeling. I scored this guy from H&M, but you can find a good tweed coat from just about anywhere this season. Check out a few of my favorites down below, and before I forget HAPPY NEW YEAR you guys!!


AW16 Satin + Knit

CO with hb1 with VSCO with a6 preset




AW16 Space Cadet








AW16 Neutrals