SS17 Wrap It Up

Things are heating up and all I’m interested in wearing are flowy tops and lighter fabrics. 90% of the time (especially when I’m hot..tired…hungry…etc) I want my outfit to be simple and getting dressed to be easy. I like to find simple pieces that can also be interesting to look at and this shirt completely fit the bill.  I found it at Target and truly I couldn’t be more pleased because I feel like I haven’t found a piece from Target that I loved in far too long! I decided to pair it with my high-rise Levis and these blush colored glasses from Free People. YOU GUYS.  Free People has the BEST accessories so don’t forget to check them out when shopping! Im currently obsessed with this little straw bag and will definitely adding this lil’ bebe to my summer round up. Nothing makes me happier than finding things that 6 billion other people aren’t already wearing and I’m so ready to waltz around town with my lil basket in tow.

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